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The first snow in Norway

The first snow in Norway, 9 October, Vågå

The sheeps don't seem to care about the snow


Picture of the week

Picture of the week

Picture of the week

Picture of the week

The blog has been down for a good while. It is now living again and I will post one picture of the week. I will post the most interesting picture I have taken through the week. Hope you find the pictures interesting.


We went inside Sjodalen, Norway to icefish in my Easter 2010. I think I took some great pictures so enjoy them. Put a comment if you want:)

Icefisher next to the mountain


We took some fishes

We took some fishes


My buddy Audun digging a hole


The fish likes these worms

Sunset in Norway

The sun is starting to warm in Norway and it’s becoming spring. I captured one of the beautiful sunset in Synslia, Vågå commune late in the afternoon. The other pictures are from Murudalen, where Live who drives dog sledding lives. It was a wonderful experience to go with her in the mountain.

Sunset in Synslia



Dogsledding in Murudalen