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Capture the moment

To capture the moment was an assignment in my photography class at Beloit College. Our assignment was to shoot a lot, and pick the eight best pictures for you where you think you caught the moment. I would like to challenge my self, and I went to a soccer match. When the women Bucs played against a team.

When you are shooting there are a lot of movements. It is easy that you shots get blurry, if you don’t have the correct settings. Since they played in daylight I didn’t have to think sp much of the Iso. The setting I had to think about was the shutter. I shot the soccer-pictures with a shutter time on 200. The Iso was around 200. I fixed them some in photoshop, but not much.

When we got the assignment, the pictures should not be publish other places than on the internet. For me that means that I have to come closer. Often the webpictures are smaller than in the newspaper. And often the viewers watch the picture in a couple of seconds, maybe not even a second, and if the picture looks boring the viewer moves on. Therefore I tried to come as close as possible with my angle, to make the situations more exciting.

The Halloween picture is for me personally a capture the moment. Since I’m only staying in the U.S. for a semester, that is a special moment for me. Most Americans will think the picture is normal, and not so unusual. But I chose to take it with in the assginment for two reasons: it is a moment for me + I think it is a very cool picture. 

I think the soccer pictures became good, but I’m unsure if it best if the ball is in movement, or when a picture «freeze» the ball. Please say your opinion and help me!


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